Welcome to Meridian Canoe Club!

We are a British Canoeing Top Club run by volunteers with a passion for paddlesport!

Meridian is one of the largest canoe clubs in both London and the UK. We compete regularly in Olympic disciplines of Canoe Slalom and Flat Water Racing and are also very active in Canoe Polo, Surfing, Open Boating, White Water and other recreational Flat Water river trips. We have a diverse and friendly community engaged across these disciplines and welcome new members of all ages and experience! Whether you′re hungry for adventure on our exciting river trips, raring for the action-packed challenge of canoe polo and opportunity to fulfil your competitive streak, or in the mood for some weekend fun and tranquillity exploring the beautiful recesses of Danson Lake, we′d love to hear from you!

This site has all the information you should need about our club, what we do, where we meet and how to join. If you can′t find what you′re looking for then please check out our forum, fill in our contact form or drop an e-mail to enquiries@meridiancanoeclub.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Experienced or beginner, Meridian is a fantastic club to get outdoors and paddle with!

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – National Lockdown

Danson Lake is closed to all paddling activities, as instructed by Bexley Council following the current National Lockdown rules. The Council have made this decision due to the little time that was available following the announcement before these restrictions came into effect in order to review the changes and new conditions. We are still awaiting confirmation of when we may return to paddling and what protocols will be in place. Given the unprecedented gravity of the current situation at this time, however, we expect it is unlikely that the lake will reopen before national restrictions are softened.

Should the lake reopen, it is expected protocols will be the same as those implemented under Tiers 2-4 (link below), but again please see here for confirmation. The lake opening hours for these restrictions remain as follows:

Monday 8am – 3pm
Tuesday 8am – 3pm
Wednesday 8am – 3pm
Friday 8am – 3pm
Saturday 8am – 3pm

NO POOL SESSIONS FOR FORESEEABLE FUTURE – Crook-log Swimming Pool remains closed

Although the Government has stated that pools and leisure centres could open within Tier 3, Crook Log Leisure Centre opted to remain closed and has done so throughout the recent changes in restrictions. Therefore we do not expect pool sessions to return any time soon. However we have submitted the relevant proposals, completed the necessary risk assessments and are keeping contact and will let you know as soon as we hear otherwise.

A full list of the latest guidelines from the Council and comments from the Committee can be found here. Please be aware of the updates noted here should there be an discrepancies. Despite these difficult times, we hope you still manage to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, stay safe and wish you all the best!




Please see our Club Calendar for all course and event details.

Fill in our contact form or email enquiries@meridiancanoeclub.com for more information or to register for future courses.