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What we do

Touring and flatwater

At Meridian Canoe Club, we spend most weekend mornings on relaxing paddles around Danson lake. It’s a great way to socialise, meet the birdlife and enjoy the fresh air! We have a strong fleet of kayaks and open canoes so you’ll be well provided for if you don’t have your own. We take regular day trips exploring peaceful rivers and canals nearby. as well as sightseeing tours on the Thames from Greenwich through Westminster with fantastic new perspectives of all of London’s iconic landmarks! All are welcome!

Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is an exciting team sport played across the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. Enjoyed by paddlers of all levels, anyone with a ball, a paddle and a boat can get a feel for this fun and competitive pastime and invite others along to mix up your outings!

For those taking it further, you’ll need a pitch and goal nets like the ones you’ve maybe noticed handily at the end of Danson Lake! Teams from clubs and universities across the UK compete through youth, regional and national leagues and at international tournaments, all the way up to International Canoe Federation (ICF) Championships fought by National Teams at the highest level. Here, the sport becomes a fast and fierce discipline of strength, teamwork, skill, tactics and athleticism. Played by over 60 nations worldwide, Canoe Polo is the one of the fastest growing disciplines of all paddle sport! 

Meridian has one of the largest and most active branches dedicated to Canoe polo of all clubs in the UK. We have multiple teams entered into both Women’s and all four Open divisions of the National League and many talented young players who have progressed to our national squads, representing GB on the international stage. Great Britain has formed a strong and respected international presence with numerous gold and silver medals over the last 25 years, many won by teams involving Meridian and Meridian-grown players. 

We take pride in our ability to help players of all ages and experience reach their full potential and record of transforming multiple generations of young kayakers into the athletes of tomorrow! Our many teams, sessions and competitions we attend provide an inclusive range of opportunities for anyone to get involved, including those just up for fun. In addition to our lake pitches, weekly pool sessions at Crook Log Leisure Centre provide a warm, comfortable environment to continue all year round. Canoe polo is an ideal sport to challenge yourself, make friends, build teamwork and cracking paddling skills, and get the most out of what you can accomplish in a kayak!

White Water

There are few things that can match the adrenaline of charging down a white water river. The UK is lucky enough to be home to a wealth of fantastic rivers for all levels of paddling, enjoyed by thousands of kayakers and canoeists every year. Meridian runs a number of trips annually ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 4 white water, across England and Wales and further afield into the French and Slovenian Alps. These vary between mild but spirited rivers, and raging rapids with exciting and challenging features – plenty for both beginners and accomplished paddlers alike. Often camping or staying in cosy, rustic lodges, our trips make for excellent opportunities to immerse yourself in beautiful countryside and get closer to nature, weaving through ancient forests or cascading down mountain valleys. On other trips we detour to the Devon coast for a wild ride kayak-surfing on the sea. We have plenty of coaches and experienced paddlers to look after you and help you develop your confidence and skills both on river and at home. You’ll quickly feel a part of our Meridian family and be ready and raring for the next adventure!


If white water alone wasn’t enough and you’re hungry for more, then maybe Slalom is for you! This long-esteemed kayaking and canoeing discipline has become a modern staple of the Olympics and demands speed, stamina, excellent paddling skills and a boatful of courage!

Most often placed on a flowing river, paddlers must navigate a series of up- and down-stream gates, making use of eddies, flow and their own strength and agility to reach the bottom as quickly as possible and achieve the best time. Penalties are incurred for touching, going the wrong way through or missing gates entirely. Competitions occur across the country with opportunities to win points and gain promotion through five national divisions (Division 4 to Prem), the courses, water and competition becoming increasingly difficult as you progress.

As well as challenging yourself, Slalom is an excellent way to apply and improve your paddling and white water skills. Meridian has a number of paddlers who have worked their way to success in both kayak and canoe divisions and its own fleet of slalom boats and gates to help you get started. With ideal, entry-level competitions and the Olympic Lee Valley White Water Centre for more daring paddlers nearby, Meridian is a great club to give it a try and support you on your Slalom career.

Flatwater Racing

Please see our Club Calendar for all course and event details.