Entries now being accepted for 20th London International Canoe Polo Tournament.

20th London International Canoe Polo Tournament Entries for the 2018 London International Canoe Polo Tournament are now being accepted. Meridian Canoe Club is proud to announce that entries for the 20th London International tournament are now open. To book, please head on over to our web-based event booking system for details. Please note:- Because this system … Read more

June 2017 Beginners kayaking course

Meridian Canoe Club is pleased to be able to offer a beginners kayaking course.

The course will be will be based at Danson Park on the lake, the home of Meridian Canoe Club. We will also invite you to attend one (or more) of our pool sessions so we can help you build confidence with exits in a warm environment. For the final day of the course we will travel to the river Medway for a day on the river.

Please note, this course is primarily targeted at adults, but under 16’s are more than welcome on the course providing they are accompanied by an adult who is either taking part in the course or staying on site while the training is taking place.

Please further note that whilst the minimum age for the club is 8 years old we insist that children under the age of 10 are accompanied on the water by a family member during the course.

The course will be split over 2 weekends and you will also be able to spend some time at one of our pool sessions during the course.

Date Day Description Start End
03/06/2017 Saturday Full day @ Danson Park Lake 1030 1600
04/06/2017 Sunday Afternoon @ Danson Park Lake 1300 1600
07/06/2017 or


Wednesday Pool session @ Crook Sports Centre 2015 2115
17/06/2017 Saturday Morning @ Danson Park Lake 1030 1300
18/06/2017 Sunday River Trip on the Medway 0930 1900

The course is aimed at developing the skills of any potential members prior to them joining the club, or to give any new members the chance of gaining skills to help them be more involved in club activities as an active member.

The cost of the course includes a year’s membership to Meridian Canoe Club allowing the participants the opportunity to practice and develop the skills they have gained on the course. For further information, please email enquiries@meridiancanoeclub.com. Discounts are available for family groups and couples.

The Course will only go ahead if there is sufficient interest so please share the details of the course with any friends or family members you think may be interested.

Please use our online booking system to reserve your places.

Please note:- Because this system manages personal details and financial information, it will open in a new tab direct with the service provider, using a secure HTTPS link.