Danson Lake Code of Practice


  1.  Paddling is only to be undertaken at designated session times.
      • Tuesday        08:00 – 17:00
      • Wednesday   04:00 – CLOSE
      • Thursday       04:00 – CLOSE
      • Friday            08:00 – CLOSE
      • Saturday        08:00 – 14:00
  1.  All children under the age of 16 must have a responsible adult present at all times whilst they are paddling on the Lake.
  2.  Qualified Paddlers – A minimum of two paddlers paddling as a group on the lake, be of a standard equivalent to the old BCU 3* or the new BCU Paddlesport 2*
    • can only paddle at any designated session times
  1.  New Paddlers:
    • Training/Coached Sessions should be led by a someone with either a minimum old Level 2 or UKCC level 1 qualification or recognised by the clubs committee as being suitably experienced.
  1.  Unqualified Paddlers – A group of paddlers who are not Qualified Paddlers (see above), can paddle at the same time as a Training/Coaching Session, as long as:
    • the coach leading the specific session is happy that it is safe for them to paddle as a group
    • the group agrees the paddling activity with the coach e.g. stay within sight of their location, no rolling practice etc.
    • the group gets off at the designated session end time
  1.  All suitably experienced club members are expected to assist, where practical, with rescues.
    7.  All paddlers to obey DWSC Staff, Bexley Council officials and Committee members’ instructions – particularly asking for permission to paddle if ice is present in/on the lake
    8.  No Private boats to be stored in boathouse. Any that are will be deemed left at owners risk & usable by club members.
    9.  Lake Sessions are free to members, a £2 donation for non-members may be collected at the committee’s discretion.10. The use of club boats is chargeable to both members and non members
    11. Youth group courses can be arranged via Guest membership and lake use, if booked with the committee and programmed so as not to clash with club sessions.
    12. Ratios for Lake use to be at discretion of the lead coach for the session and within the BCU guidelines for “Very Sheltered waters”.
    13. Any exceptions to the above are to be approved by the Exec Committee before paddling is commenced.


  1. Buoyancy aids must be worn on the water, no exceptions.
  2. Polo is to only be played in appropriate boats.
  3. No personal boats to be stored in boathouse.
  4. All club equipment taken out of the park to be booked out.
  5. All equipment to be returned back to correct storage location.
  6. Beginners, and those practicing capsize must wear appropriate footwear.
  7. All boats to be emptied after use.
  8. All boats to be carried to & from lake, not dragged.
  9. No cars to be parked on the grass.
  10. The Tea and coffee making facilities should be left in a clean state after use, all refreshment drinking members are responsible.