Crook Log Pool Code of Practice


1) No shoes are to be worn beyond the changing area at the front of the changing rooms. When entering from the rear door, please remove your shoes at the door.

2) Any boat that has been used on the lake or river prior to a pool session MUST be washed down before use in the pool. Boats from the container at Crook Log that have only been used in pool sessions do not need to be washed. If you borrow a boat from the Crook Log container, please ensure it is rinsed off before its return to storage.

3) For child and vulnerable adult protection reasons, photography can only be undertaken if agreed with the Committee beforehand, and a completed photographic consent form has been completed at Crook Log Reception. The basic rule is photographic equipment is NOT allowed poolside nor in the changing areas. See the website for the full details of our policy.

4) All children under the age of 16 must have a responsible adult present at all times whilst they are paddling in the pool.

5) NO SEAL LAUNCHING under any circumstances. Everyone must get into their boats on the water.

6) No balls to be played with in or on poolside while the General Sessions are in progress

7) No swimming during the General Sessions (apart from normal 50m assessments, or coaching and safety reasons)

8) All boats and equipment removed from the container and used in a session, must be returned to the container and stored in the correct location (usually where it came from)

9) Club Members should not leave their clothing and personal belongings in the changing cubicles, as this renders the cubicles unusable by other club members. Please use the lockers provided.

Any member wishing to take video or photographs at the pool must first seek permission from the Executive Committee, and then complete the Parkwood Leisure declaration form, that can be obtained at reception in Crook Log Centre. We also refer members to our Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy which has specific guidelines about use of photographic equipment and subsequent publication of pictures.