Club Equipment Policy

Club boats are intended to allow individuals to be introduced to the different disciplines to achieve the Club Objectives.
All Club boats are available for any club member to use, however some require specific training ask a club coach if you are uncertain.
Competition Kayaks should not be used for general teaching or rescue training.
Club equipment should be booked via the online club forum clearly stating the location and duration of use, and also ideally notified to the Club Equipment Officer.
All damage to any club equipment – either found before use or any damage occurring whilst on loan – should be reported to the Equipment Officer.
All Club equipment should be returned promptly after use to the club in at least as good condition as it was borrowed and to the same location & storage rack.

Competitive Club Boat Usage – For Training And Competition

Club competition boats are only permitted to be used in the following situations:

The newer composite slalom boats (bagged) and paddles are only to be used for slalom training with the direction of one of the clubs coaches.
Club boats may only be used by Div 3 and Div 4 Class Paddlers in competition as follows: Div 3/4 Events – All Club boats including the newer composite kayaks are available for use.
Div 2/3 Events – Old composite boats and plastic kayaks only.

Artificial Slalom and other White Water Sites Use of composite slalom boats at all artificial sites and other white water sites is restricted due to the risk of major damage or writing off a boat. Plastic Fox’s are available for this purpose.

If there is a need, paddlers must be prepared to share usage of equipment at events with other club paddlers, priority will be given to those who booked the kit, secondly to those who transported it to the event and lastly to other members.

Club polo boats are available for use at the pool in the early development session and only by exception with permission from a committee member in the later senior training session.
Only the club plastic revenges are available for training at the lake, club composite boats should not be used for training at the lake.
Boats can be used in competition as follows: All National Youth Divisions – All Club boats are available
National Ladies Div 2 – All Club boats are available
National Open Div 4 – All Club boats are available
National Open Div 3 – Club boats will be available by committee permission

Flat Water Racing
Flat water racing equipment is not for use with any other types of kayak including WW, General purpose, Slalom or Polo kayaks so please only use the flat water racing paddles with flat water racing boats.

General & White Water Plastic Boats

Loans of plastic boats are normally agreed by the equipment officer as long as there is not already another booking, that the duration and reason are declared. Loans for trips abroad are normally on the understanding that the person underwrites damage or insures the boat.

Other Loans

All other loans should be agreed in advance by the Committee. It is likely that permission will be given for any low-level usage, but less likely for higher-level usage. Once, members start to take paddlesport seriously and moving up the ranks, it is the Club view that they should be looking to acquire their own boats and benefit from the advantages that brings.