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I'm Simon, haven't paddled for 15yrs, except the 1 star at the weekend, but have now joined the club, so thought I would say hi on here.

Have two boys that live with their mum, but they came down with me at the weekend and loved every minute of it, so it has now cost me 3 x memberships etc etc.

I took and passed the old 3 star many moons ago, and found out at the weekend that it is just like riding a bike, you don't forget...... even the roll.

My main aim is to get my 2 boys up to a level, where they can roll and rescue me!!! And then they can move onto the White water, polo and surfing.

Tom 12 and Connor 11 are their names, they will be the smallest ones always in the water. :lol:

I have a couple of questions, which i'm sure will be answered quickly.

1. What is the procedure of borrowing boats for us 3, as I intend to paddle with the kids every Saturday at least?

2. If we were to borrow 3 boats, would i need to join the BCU, to be covered licence wise on the Medway, or am I covered by the club membership and the fact that I am using club boats.

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Re: Hi

Post by OSB »

Hi Simon,

Welcome aboard, and good to hear that you've invested in memberships.

Booking club boats is relatively straightforward. If you're a member, you can book boats and associated equipment on the site for away trips (see the equipment page in the forum). It's first come, first served and subject to club bookings for courses such as last weekend and this coming Saturday. Paddlers will need to be members. You should in theory purchase a Medway licence.

Alternatively, if you're paddling the lake, it's still first come first served, but no booking is required on the site.

See you on Saturday,

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