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Re: River Cam Trip – Sunday 01 July 2018

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:27 am
by Tharlow
From last night's meeting this is what has been agreed.

Steve Pitchley & Tim Collier = Own boats in same car.

Chris & Alicia Sloan = Own Boats in same car.

Dave & Debbie Aylwin + Gemma Floyd = Club Open + Gemma's boat in same car.

Sharon, Louise & Anna = Club Ethos + Blue Venture + Dagger Redline = Two boats on Sharon's car, the other on Andy G's. All three in same car.

Julia Dawkins & Tim Harlow = Own boat and club Orca = In same car.

Cheryl & Roger Osborne = Own boat(s) in same car.

Phil Pinnington & Sandie Clark = Own boats in same car.

Di Wade & Barry = Own boats in same car.

Andy G = Own boat+ one of Sharon's + Katrina's boat and Katrina in same car.

Sandrine & Lauren = Own boat + either own boat or club boat in same car.

Dale = Own boat in same car (might have space for second boat and passenger).

Kathleen = Own boat on own car.

Paul & Teresa = Own boat(s) in own car.

Neal Dennett = ????????

Please amend if not correct.

All club boats must be disinfected on Saturday.

I will open the boathouse at 8:15 on Sunday to collect and load boats.
We must leave by 9:00.

It is a 75 mile/ approx 90 minutes journey to CB4 1PB.

Launch time 11:00.

Bring a packed lunch and ice cream money and plenty to drink.

I do not intend to stop for an evening meal and will return straight to unlock the boathouse so club boats can be returned.

The nearest toilets to launching point is at Tesco at the junction of A14/A10
https://greatbritishpublictoiletmap.rca ... e957b847dc

Paul and I will be at the lake on Saturday to answer any questions you may have.

Re: River Cam Trip – Sunday 01 July 2018

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:03 am
by Sandbag
Thanks for the toilet tip :)

We'll take our own boats in/on our own car.

Re: River Cam Trip – Sunday 01 July 2018

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:50 am
by Tharlow
Have posted an photo album of the trip on Meridian's Facebook page.
If you cannot access it, let me know and I will burn a CD for you.