Joining club and borrowing boats

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Joining club and borrowing boats

Post by kayakingconor »

I am a WAM canoe club member, however I want to get into Slalom kayaking and competition rather than just whitewater. I've decided that I want to join Meridian
and I'm thinking of going to Lee Valley next Saturday. Would it be possible if I could join next Saturday and pick up one of the slalom boats as well?(I spoke to a few of the guys down at the Shepperton event)

If anyone is interested in going for a slalom session down at lee valley next Saturday just pm me :)

Nigel A
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Re: Joining club and borrowing boats

Post by Nigel A »

Hi Conor
Club members are allowed the loan of plastic boats for general use. However competition (Slalom) boats are only available for organised training under the direct guidance of an approved club coach. slalom boats are NOT available for general and unsupervised training especially at Lea Valley.

Please contact me if you require further information regarding membership

Nigel Abel
Membership officer

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