Evening Lake Sessions and Courses.

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Evening Lake Sessions and Courses.

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Recently on Thursday nights we have had a few guests who have enjoyed the pool session but cannot attend the lake on a Saturday due to work.
What are the days and times for evening sessions at the lake?
And are there any 1* BCU Courses that take place on evenings and Sundays?

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Re: Evening Lake Sessions and Courses.

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With the lighter evenings, it's likely that discipline-specific evening sessions will be arranged on the lake, as in prior years. Stay tuned to the site for details as and when these are scheduled.

Star assessments (in my experience) are usually arranged for Sundays by the group instructor. These would usually coincide with river trips on Sundays. Again, look for posts in the Trips & Events (viewforum.php?f=4) page, but those training in pool sessions should also make their interest known to coaches in those sessions.


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Re: Evening Lake Sessions and Courses.

Post by flossey »

Hi Tim As you know I do shifts and have never been keenon pool but if there are some proper training sessions at lake on real water Id be vety interested If anything comes up can you trxt me Very rare on computetDont even do my work emails but always have phone Let me know if uou can Thanks Jane W x

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Re: Evening Lake Sessions and Courses.

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Jane and others,
I will be running a series of courses this summer, both beginners, 1* and 2* , to get people up to a reasonable standard so they can enjoy paddling in groups , or as a member of our river trips, or on holiday etc.

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