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Nigel A
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Re: Thinking of joining

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Hi Mark,
By all means pop down and say hello. We are at Crook Log pool from 7 for polo training, with the general session starting at 8.15 pm. If you get there about 8.00 it will give you a chance to say hello and find out whats happening. We have boats and equipment to paddle so all you need to bring is some swimming gear. Cost is £6 for the pool session. We offer 3 club session as a guest before asking you to join.
Please ask for myself, Nigel Abel (Membership officer) or Adrian Boyce (Senior coach). If you need any further information please PM me.

Nigel Abel

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Re: Thinking of joining

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Oops, I may have deleted someone's account by accident here. Nigel - I'm guessing you weren't talking to yourself?!

Whoever posted the original message - I'm sorry I was clearing out a load of spam accounts. If you sign up again I promise not to delete you next time!


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