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So I've now been in a boat twice in far too many years, and the bug's back and as strong as it ever was! As a result, I'll be needing some equipment, just the usual small things like a boat (that can wait), paddles, a deck, a wetsuit (but I'm happy to tough it out for the "summer"), a BA, kag, boots/ shoes and a helmet (maybe).

Are there any good shops locally? What should I be looking for?


Nigel A
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Re: Equipment

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Hi Sam
Danson water sports, (next door to the club), has a limited selection of equipment. The nearest dedicated canoe shop is Kent Canoes, Kemsing road (off J2 M20)
Meridian should get a discount at either. Also have a word with Adrian Boyce on Wednesday.


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Re: Equipment

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Most of us use Nucleus Watersports at Clacton , who have an excellent delivery service to this part of the world. They give us the best club discount (10% + on some items) Not so good if you want to try things on first but great if you know what you want.

Apart from them , Nigel's suggestion of Kent Canoes at Wrotham is also sensible , or try Brookbank Canoes near Enfield , ( where they do not offer a discount without a loyalty card, but do have a pretty good stock.

If you are ever in west London then the Whitewater Centre at Shepperton is also worth a visit , and they do offer us a good discount. (


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Re: Equipment

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What do you want with a wetsuit?

Paddles wait until you have decided what kind of paddling you are actually likely to do as opposed to what you think you are going to do.......

There is a very nice peak airline ba on eBay runs out in a couple of days

I would suggest buy rash vests and boots from decathlon either at Surrey quays or lakeside.

Buy a pair of either strides or shorts from danson watersports.

Before I suggest where to get the deck from which boats are you planning on using the club has a lot of basic decks you can use.



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