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thinking of joining

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Hi there

I am looking for a canoe club to join and your just down the road from where i live. I have the basic skills and i am looking for a club to join which will do regular trips on a sunday to local rivers/ coast (as i work on saturdays)which i know is limited in the south east, and every so often get a weekend away to wales, devon and other places. I am quite happy on placid rivers and equally enjoy more testing rivers with rapids or tidal currents and this is the area i will need to improve on. I am not that interested in competing in races etc i just want to enjoy some canoeing with likeminded people.

I just wanted to know if my interest would fit in with your current members, to find out if you do day trips on a sunday every now and then and what your weekend trips are focused on.

Well i hope to meet the group soon


Nigel A
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Re: thinking of joining

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Hi Baz

As you may have seen from the website, The club has a general paddling session on Danson lake at 10.30am every Saturday morning and pool sessions at crook log pool every Wednesday at 8.15 pm. And Thursdays at 9.15pm.

Much of our formal paddling arrangements are grouped around competition training and courses. There are a limited number of formally arranged Sunday and weekend paddles, but members will often post up day trips on the board to see who is available for a paddle. Please also check the Club events calendar xls spreadsheet under paddling opportunities.

We offer new members the opportunity to come to any three club sessions as guests before we ask you to join. So come along and say hello and look around. The club has boats and equipment at both these location all you need is a change of clothing and some footwear to wear (on the lake.) Or you of course may paddle your own boats.

I would suggest you come along to one of the Wednesday sessions (8.15-9.15) to say hello and have a talk to us. We have polo training sessions before and after this time. So people will be around to talk to.

Nigel Abel
Membership Officer, Meridian Canoe Club

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