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New to london

Post by uvpurple »


Just moved down to the big smoke from sunny cumbria and i am looking for a club to get out paddling again,

just wondering if there was a convenient session i could come along to a meet a few people face to face?

i have had a look at the calender, but cant tell what would be a good session to attend and get to know people



Nigel A
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Re: New to london

Post by Nigel A »

Hi Ben,
The best session (at the moment!) is probably our Wednesday night pool session (8.15 to 9.15) at Crook log pool. Or Saturday morning (usually 10.30 ish) at Danson lake. Our shared changing facilities at the lake are being re-furbished so its a bit basic at the moment. We are at Crook log pool from 7.00 pm setting up and playing polo so there may not be anyone available to talk to you at that time, but there is usually plenty of members around from 8 p. onward

Hope this is of some help, Nigel Abel (Membership officer)

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Re: New to london

Post by OSB »


Welcome! As Nigel says, Wednesday nights would be your best bet, as you'll get a reasonable flavour for the club. We also have a general pool session on a Thursday night, but we are in the process of looking at the pool sessions, so this may get changed at some point.

As you're from Cumbria, I'm assuming that you like nothing more than a nice placid paddle along a calm river ;). We have a number of peer-led trips to Lee Valley (not quite the Kent, but the best that you'll find anywhere near Kent!), usually on a Sunday morning/early afternoon. If you're a racer, we have a number of other like-minded masochists who like a swim, tourers, slalom paddlers (look out for the Yalding 3/4 next weekend if that grabs your interest) and everything else in between.


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