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joining the club

Post by charvey »

Hi i would like to join the club as a family. I am a K1 sprinter but would also like to try slalom. My son and partner would like to learn to canoe. How do we join? is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Nigel A
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Re: joining the club

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Hi Charvey
Meridian Meet at Danson park lake at 10.30 Saturday mornings. And a general pool session at crook log pool at 8 pm (for 8.15) We are at crook log pool from 7pm till 8.15 for intermediate polo training, 8.15 to 9.15 for our general pool session and from 9,15 for our senior polo session . We encourage people to try any 3 club session before you are requested to join. The only initial charge is £6 guest membership fee for the pool sessions.
As to wheelchair access the pool session is wheelchair accessible but we would need to sort out specific requirements re canoe access, Danson park is also accessible but again the practicalities of lake access in poor conditions would again need assessing.

If you could PM me with an e-mail address I will get back to you with further information.

Regards, Nigel Abel, Membership officer, Meridian CC

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