FS: Wavesport Siren

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FS: Wavesport Siren

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For Sale - Wavesport Siren (er....as in the title!)

Another fabulous Kayak this time for the lighter paddler, generally of the female persuasion but may also be paddled by small yoofs or larger children. Apparantly was a great playboat when it first came out but no idea cos there is NO WAY I could fit in it to even consider floating along a river :shock:

In reasonable condition with usual scrapes and scratches of a slightly older but well loved boat. In a dark red/ burgandy colour (I think, long time since I have seen it in the day light!) with good seat and fittings.

Surplus to requirement and taking up valuable garage space along with the most excellent Blaze 7.1 (advertised elsewhere) so up for grabs at a truly fantastic price. Not entirely sure how much though to be honest :oops: as I would have to run that by the boats owner and love of my life - so lets start with, say £240??? Open to usual negotiations and haggling of course

Again the boat is in Bexleyheath to receive fools, sorry, charming and eager river goddesses/ growing river gods who could be parted with their money or to meet at Danson Lake/ pools

FiFi :ugeek: 07710 767475

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