New Weekend Lake Sessions and Session prices

New options for booking Saturday Morning club sessions and Sunday Polo based training sessions

Saturday Mornings

Independent sessions may now be booked on Saturday mornings at Danson Lake, with club or personal kit. Please note, these sessions are for experienced, confident club members who have been assessed and deemed capable and safe paddling on the lake without supervision or assistance from a qualified coach. Club members are still allowed to paddle on the lake alone unless agreed in advance under exceptional circumstances!

Alternatively, coach-led sessions may also be booked for less experienced paddlers, supervised by a qualified coach. These sessions are available to both members and non-members.

Bookings can be made in advance up until the start of the session by emailing or via the club’s web-collect system here for members and here for non-members.

Lake sessions are now charged at the following prices:

Club Member Independent of a coach with personal kayak – £0
Club Member Independent of a coach with club kayak – £3
(Note: Kayaks will be available for coach-led sessions as a priority)
Club Member Coach-led (priority club kayak available) – £5
Non-Member Coach-led (priority club kayak available) – £10

Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning canoe polo training sessions are now also bookable for members via webcollect here.

Please note, polo kayaks are not stored at the boathouse and you need to be able and willing to transport the kayak to the lake yourself. If you are using a club polo kayak, these are stored at the pool and prior arrangements should be made by speaking with Mark Preddy on 07411947549 to be able to attend these sessions.
Please also note that paddling during Sunday Sessions are currently not free for anyone as the council has declared that Sundays are outside of our licenced hours of usage and as such we are now charged as club an additional £3 per paddler.
So if you are paddling with your own kayak the session will cost £3 and if you are using a club kayak the session will cost £6.