Fold Up Tables needed for London International

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Fold Up Tables needed for London International

Postby Jane » Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:30 pm

On the saturday evening of the 13th August 2011, Meridian Canoe club are doing a BBQ for 250 people. Obviously we need to supply these people with seats and tables.
We have been fortunate to now have enough chairs , however we still do not have any tables.
We need a minimum of 30 fold up 6 ft tables. We can place 8 people on each table .
Hopefully many of you have connections with Scout or social groups that may be able to help with some of the tables. We do not expect anyone to be able to come up with all the tables but any that you can offer would be appreciated. The least equipment that we have to hire, the more money the event raises .
Mob: 07845 578 674

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